Frank Plant Fans
@frankplantfans (myself)
To gain the attention of a large YouTuber and his fans
Leveraging the power of social media and influencer culture, I initiated a targeted Instagram campaign through the creation of the @frankplantfans Instagram account during the holiday season of 2021. This move was aimed at capitalizing on the viral popularity of a notable YouTuber, Airrack, and his famous plant, Frank, which had become an eccentric symbol within the community, whom Airrack refers to as "The Mafia". Our approach was methodical, utilizing a mix of trending hashtags, including our own, #savefrank, engaging memes, and community-driven content to amplify visibility and foster organic growth of the page.
Reposted multiple times by Airrack on his story
"These are sooo funny" -Airrack (In DMs)
3,800+ Followers
Reached 10,000+ accounts
25,000+ Impressions
15-25% engagement rate

The Collaboration post that was made in collaboration with @airrackfp (the large Airrack fanpage)

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